Singapore Portable Water Filter
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Useful Info

water softener

Bottled Water (source: Beverage Marketing Corp, Earth Policy Institute, Container Recycling Institute)

Water Energizer (source: Water Energizers, Inc)

Drink water to stay healthy(source: The Straits Times Singapore)

Water Filtration Table

AirQua Water Specification

Health Fountain Water Energizer (English)

Health Fountain Water Energizer (Bilingual - English & Chinese)

Health Fountain Water Energizer (Benefits)

Free Water Report (USA)

Healthy and Unhealthy Water pH Values

Healthy Water Tastes Good (alkaline water)

Puritii Filter Brochure

Puritii Filter Facts

Puritii Water Filter Bottle

Puritii vs Competition

Neway GREEN BIO Water Purifier
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