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Water Filter System Products

Water Filter, Water Purifier, Ionized Water Energizer, Alkaline Water, Filtered Water Bottle Products Available

Neway Enterprises has an entire range of water products ranging from water filter, water purifier, ionized water, shower filter, alkaline water, water bottle with filter and other suite of water products. These products can be used or installed as standalone or in different combinations to suit each individual lifestyle and water needs.

Range of Water Filter System

AirQua Filters - Best Water Filter
The AirQua filters is a 4-stage water filtration system to provide you with fresh drinking water. This water filtration system delivers pure healthy drinking water for both the Commercial or Office locations and Residential or Consumer homes. It is a complete solution to deliver fresh, pure and healthy water on demand

Energized Living Water - Ionized Water
Energized living water is a health fountain, unlike any other types of water filter, using infra-red technology and the principle of "Solar System Impulsion" to "energize" and "naturalize" the water. It can be used for showering, drinking and washing. It refreshes and energize the human body and is a form of healthy living lifestyle

Natural Alkaline System - Alkaline Water
The natural alkaline system helps people with various conditions such as arthritis, indigestion, high blood pressure, obesity and many other conditions. This natural alkaline system helps to improve their health by drinking the water created from this alkaline calcium ion system. The Natural Alkaline Calcium Ions in the Filter Cartridges and Ceramic Candles provides a form of healing mechanism and improves the health of people with various conditions

Puritii Filter - Portable Water Filter
Puritii™ by Ariix ensures safe drinking water from any contaminated water source worldwide. Puritii™ gives you fresh, pure water on the go, without the cost and waste of bottled water or an expensive filtration system. It filters out Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses, Parasite as well, up to 99.9999%.

Water Filter System Services

Water Solution and Services Render

Neway Enterprises provide consultation, installation, various solutions and maintenance services for your water filtration system, ionized water energizer system, and alkaline water system to provide you with clean, healthy, and drinkable water to meet your daily needs, for drinking, washing, showering, and better health. Neway Enterprises also provide portable water filters for fresh clean, drinkable water on the move.

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