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Energy Water

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Ionized Water - Energized Living Water

Water Energizer System

"Energy" Water, also known as 𝛲 water (chi) in oriental science, is created and discovered in Japan. It is very similiar to livings body water that is micro in molecule clusters, rich in oxygen and possess bio-energy. It is not a medicine. However, it has over 30 years of clinical studies done by many researchers, particularly in Japan. It have proven that many patients have shown significant improvements in their health by taking energy water since it supports the living activities of the human body.

Energy from Ionized Water

1. Simply install it into your water system. The water will be converted into micro cluster, high energy health supporting drinking water. For water consumption applications such as taking a bath or for cleaning purposes, the water energizer will do the trick. It generates energy from the ions in the water, thus creating ionized water.

2. No maintenance required. It does not require any maintenance, and no cleaning is required. Once it is installed into the water system, the water energizer will vitalise the entire water system. This energy in the water can reduce fatigue from the body when showering.

3. Same as permanent magnet, water energizer can be used for lifetime under normal application condition. The infra-red technology and "Solar System Impulsion" "energize" and "naturalize" the water, creating a contant living water.

4. Water energizer is designed to offer multi applications with no cartridge. You can conveniently use it for cooking, washing vegetables & fruits, showering, cleaning floor, watering plants, rearing aquarium fishes etc without any further cost incurred.

5. Water energizer possesses higher bio-energy than normal energy water filtration system available in the market and that will ensure you consume the water with the smallest water molecule cluster and a higher 𝛲 "Chi" energy, giving higher metabolic energy in your body.

6. Water energizer cannot 100% kill or filter out bacteria and dissolve chlorine. It is advisable to boil the water before drinking, or use together with a water filter or UV filter, or an alkaline water system.

7. Water energizer allows you to enjoy the benefits of energy water at the minimum investment. Airqua water filtration system or Alkaline water system compliments with water energizer, and it will be the best total energy water filtration system available in the market.

Ionized Water for Innovative Regeneration

Increase your energy and vitality with Water energizer for a healthy Ionized Water.
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