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Research in Japan since the 1950s and testimonials have indicated that conditions such as arthritis, indigestion, high blood pressure and obesity can be improved by drinking alkaline ion water. Over the last 15 years, Japanese medicine has proven that no disease can exist in an alkaline environment therefore drinking perfectly pH-balanced pure alkaline water is good for health.

What is Alkaline Water

Why alkaline water?
Alkaline water, tends to be rich in active hydrogen, which is believed to be good for us as it detoxifies our body. Alkaline water is known to help regulate blood pressure, alleviate constipation and reduce gastrointestinal fermentation.

Much of our food intakes like meats are acidic in nature. Our bodies also produce lactic acid when we overwork our muscles. Alkaline water helps our bodies re-balance its alkaline/acid ratio, besides taking alkaline foods like vegetables.

It has many Health Benefits like anti-aging effects, curing or prevention of degenerative disease, feeling of more energy or being energized by the alkaline water, better hydration and many more health benefits.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Beneficial Effects of Alkaline Water:
Higher Concentration of Calcium Ions
-Body can absorb more than 90% ionic calcium
- Builds strong bones and teeth
- Maintains body pH balance
- Enhances body natural resistance

Higher Concentration of Oxygen
- Stimulates cell and enhances breathing
- Improves overall body metabolic rate
- Prevents cell aging
- Removes free radicals

Higher Penetrating and Solvent Power
- 30% higher solvent ability
- Neutralises uric acids
- Reduces cholesterol
- Enhances better blood circulation
- Improves wastes excretion from body
- Improves bowel movement

Powerful Antioxidants
- Prevent cells damage and combat free radicals.

Increase your health, energy and reduce illness with Alkaline Water.
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