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History on Neway Enterprises

Neway Enterprises was established in 1988, to provide clean, drinkable water. We have over 25 years experience as a general trading importer and manufacturers' representative of water filtration, water purification systems and services.

Neway Enterprises provide consultation to understand the customers' needs and propose customised solutions best suited for the customers lifestyle. A typical water filtration system includes a water dispenser and water filters, be it for distilled water, alkaline water, water dispenser, bottled water, mineral water, ionized water.

Neway Enterprises provide water filtration systems that provides good quality drinking water beneficial to our health. This system is hassle free, be it for countertop water filter, water dispenser, under sink water filter, water filter faucet or portable water filter. It only requires the changing of filters annually (dependent on the quality of the unfiltered water, and the overall water quality).

Water Filters for Any Establishment

Neway Enterprises provides water solution to both Commercial & Offices and Residential & Home Markets looking for whole house water filter for the various Water Products: Water Purification Systems, Water Filtration Systems, Alkaline Water, Ionized Water Energizer, Portable Water Filter bottle on the go.

Neway Enterprises have installed many water solution in various Commercial & Offices Places and Residential Homes and Consumer Locations the various Water Products: pur water filter, water purifier, alkaline water, replacement water filters, under sink water filter, home-based water filter, home water filter, filtered water bottle, water filter faucet, shower water filter, home water filtration systems, countertop water filter, portable water filters and many more.

Best Water Filters for All Water Needs

There are many benefits of drinking clean filtered water such as younger, healthier skin; water providing important element that your body needs to function correctly and many more. Neway Enterprises is always there to provide the right Water Products and Water Solutions for your everyday needs.

Contact us - Neway Enterprises would be glad to answer any enquiries or questions that you have, be it on alkaline water, purified water, ionized water or any of our Water Filters.
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